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10) Deborah [Debi]TIPPETS 
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I'm the daughter of Charles David Tippets [B: 1Oct1934] who is brother to Raymond Lloyd Tippets [B:2Oct1916] and I'm the grand daughter of Henry Lewis Tippets [B:5March1898] married [M:15Dec1915] to Sarah Anne Astle [B:abt1902].
I never met my dads family, but I do know there were atleast 2 other children with a new wife. I have a photo of Charles when he was younger.
I didn't find out my real last name until several months after my mothers death. KAREN LEE MORROW [B:14DEC1937-D:5MAY1970]
On a visit one summer with my maternal grandmother she told me of my real last name. She lived in Oregon at the time. She brought me to Silverton to get my first copy of my birth certificate. The hospital was in a fire and the copy was nearly unreadable. It wasn't till recently that I got a readable copy, which opened up a new can of worms. The Certificate looked brand new like I was born yesterday. I spend my time now researching. My grandmother has long since passed. I'm on my own trying to find the pieces. She once wrote me a letter telling me of her life as an 8 year old child, in Kinsley, Kansas and how they sold their store and bought their first car to drive out West. She said they all stood dumbfounded as they first saw the Mountains not sure at what they were seeing. They had to run along side the car and put a rock behind the wheels so it wouldn't roll back down the hill since the area they left was all flat land and the car didn't have good brakes [or brakes at all].
I'd love to listen if anyone who wants to share their childhood stories. Before electronics took over our family
I'm in California near Yosemite National Park. I'd love to get messages from other people in the family do you know any relatives who would like to message me?
I can be reached at Subject: ATTENTION: Debi - TIPPETS GENEALOGY
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